Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama is President

Obama is President. I'm SO disappointed.
I must say that I'm SO thankful that the election is over.Everyone in my family is talking about going out and stocking up on guns and ammo, and they are saying we have 2 months to make sure we have our 2 years food storage. C'mon, is it really that bad. Are we all going to self destruct the second he moves into the White House? I'm sure every Christian probably is thinking he is the Anti-Christ. I have heard it from everyone at home and on the internet. That is a very scary thought...for the unrighteous.
When Matt went to his Elders Quorum meeting last night he brought up his concerns to the Bishop. Our Bishop then said " I Promise, he is not the Anti-Christ", he also said that we have 30 to 80 years till the Anti-Christ comes. Also he said " Be ready for world peace",and that we do not have to worry about any of that yet, let our Grand kids worry about that. *sigh* Thank Goodness for a smart Bishop. And you know what, Matt and I believe him 100%. Our Bishop is very Smart and very Spiritual. Oh yeah he also said, Obama might make a good President. That is a good point. So Matt and I decided to give him a chance. We can be grumpy for the next 4 years or we can sustain him.
I hope everyone includes this Country in their prayers everyday no matter who the President is. We are truly so blessed to live here.
God Bless the U.S.A.

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