Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our own room

Since Hailey was born she has always slept with me. I figured it was easier for me to get sleep if I just nursed her in bed with me. And it worked. Well when Davin came along I decided to put Hailey in her own bed right next to my bed and I would put Davin in bed with me. Well again it worked, but this time not as well. My poor Hailey was getting her feelings hurt. She felt like she was being pushed out for this new baby. She was being mean to Davin and whining a lot. So I prayed for answers. The very same day that I prayed for inspiration, I got it. I knew Hailey was sad, and was missing her cuddle time with her Mommy. So being the sap that I am... I put them both in bed with me. I know, I know, what in the heck was I thinking. BUT, it worked. Until now. It has only been a month since I put them both in my bed, and I get NO sleep. Davin likes to nurse all night long, Hailey wiggles ALL NIGHT LONG! Enough is enough.

I took Davin to his 1 year appointment and spoke with the Dr. about my situation. He told me I just need to put Davin in a crib and let him cry it out for a few nights. That made me feel terrible. However, I knew he was right. Plus I knew once Davin was out of my bed Hailey would go back to sleeping in her own bed as well. So this is what happened... we had an office. Not anymore. We put the computers in our room and turned the office in to Hailey and Davin's room. Last night was the first night. Oh my goodness!!! Hailey was great, she went right in and went to sleep, no problems. Davin on the other hand did not like it. He cried and cried and cried. I kept going in there every 15 minutes or so and loving him and telling him it's okay. I did nurse him a few times during the night, so I did pick him up like 3 times. I did not feel good about putting him in his own bed, his own room and taking away the comfort of nursing all in one night. I will stop night nursing when he is comfortable being in his own bed.

Now it is morning, and we all survived it. Davin is still sleeping, in his bed. Hailey is happy. And I'm happy to have my own room, free of kids. I'm sure the first night is the hardest. I can't wait for Davin to wake up so I can go in and cuddle him.
I know this sleeping arrangement will work for at least another year before I have to separate them in to their own rooms. I don't even want to think about that right now. :)
Happy New Year everybody!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day

Me and my Hunny, Christmas Morning
Miss Diva!
She really was a happy Princess.

My pretty girls, Autumn & Erin
Davin was loving his new toy
The kids Christmas morning

Christmas Day was wonderful. I was so excited Christmas Eve I almost could not sleep. It was fun to watch Hailey and see how excited she was for Santa to come and then to see the joy in her eyes when she woke up and saw all the presents. It was great. It is fun to be a parent on Christmas morning. Matt got me a purse, which I absolutely LOVE. He always surprises me with his fashion sense. Once he picked out my shoes and women where stopping me and asking me where I got them and telling me how cute they were. When I told them my Husband picked them out, they said "Wow, he's got good taste".

So we went to Matt's sister's house for Christmas dinner and it was yummy of course. I love my extended Family. My in-laws are fabulous. We always celebrate Holidays and Birthdays together. My family never did anything like that. I feel so blessed to be a part of the Wyson family. Merry Christmas everyone and I pray you have a safe and happy New Years.

Friday, December 26, 2008

My Stockings

These are my new stockings for the kiddo's
My sister-in-law and I worked hard on them to get them done by Christmas. I think they are probably my favorite thing I got for Christmas, except my new purse my hunny got me, cause I LOVE my new purse.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Davin!

Today is Davin's 1st Birthday. Yay! It was nice. I got to have the kids home all day, and we all enjoyed the snow together. Later on My Mother-in-law came over to celebrate with some dinner and cupcakes and ice cream. I got him a cute little toy, and it only took all of 5 minutes of him playing with it to make me question what the heck I was thinking. It is SO noisy. But he really likes it, so I will just deal with it. For now at least.
Hailey always has a hard time at parties, she loves the treats that are associated with them, however she does not like being the one who does not get to blow out the candles or open the presents. I know that is just part of being a 3 year old.
I can't not believe it's been a year already (sniff sniff) It has gone by so fast. The older I get the faster time goes by.
I feel so blessed to have my family.

A snow day in St. George

Well it happened...For the first time in a decade school was canceled because of the snow. The kids have been having a lot of fun in it. I drove around this morning and saw lots of snowmen. It was a fun sight to see. I used to live up in Ogden where it snowed a lot, now I'm here and we don't get it much. I like snow as long as it does not make it self at home here in Sunny St.George.


This is what my sister-in-law Liz and her daughter Clara did this morning. It was so beautiful, I had to take a picture of it and share it. Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 6, 2008