Monday, January 26, 2009

My baby got hurt.

Today I got up to go running. As I left the house I thought about taking my phone, but I changed my mind because I have never needed it any other time I took it. Well that was the mistake of the day. After Liz and I were done running we were standing there talking and I could hear a truck coming up the road and said that sounds like Matt's truck. Sure enough it was. He was white and panicked. He said something happened and I needed to follow him. I saw both Hailey and Davin in the truck with him so I did not know what to think, however I knew something was wrong because Matt does NOT ever act like that unless it is an emergency. I jumped in my van and tried to follow him but he was so fast. I ended up losing him.
So I drove home hoping that is where he went and I figured I could at least pick up my phone and call him. Well when I got home I saw blood everywhere, and a lot of it. So then I panicked. I tried calling Matt's phone and I got no answer. I was yelling in the car "where in the heck did you go?!" "Where are you?!" Finally I stopped and said "Heavenly Father please help me, where can I find them?" And just like that I knew where to go, The Insta Care. I called Liz and she was already heading to the hospital and I told her I was going to the Insta Care.
So as soon as the Insta care was in sight I could already see Matt's truck. I called Liz back and told her he was there. As I pulled into the parking lot Liz called me and said "He is going to be fine everything is ok." I said "He, it's my baby?" Matt had just got off the phone with her and he told her Davin was ok.
As I got in the building I could see Hailey crying and Davin with a bandage on top of his head. Blood was all over him. Liz came to the Insta Care and was there with me when the Doctor looked at his head. Thankfully they did not think he needed stitches, but they were concerned about a concussion. They told me to watch him close for the next few hours and if he started throwing up he needed to go to the E.R.
Matt and I sat out in the waiting room and he told me what happened.
We have a big lamp that hangs from our ceiling and it weighs about 15 or more lbs. It's very heavy. My Dad made it out of rock and metal. He said Hailey & Davin were pulling on the cord and pulled it down. The light bulb is what cut Davin's head plus the weight of the lamp hitting him is what did the damage. Matt said it was bleeding so much it scared him. Liz and the Dr. said head wounds bleed a lot.
Hailey was a wreck, she was still crying and very upset. We were talking about it, and she told me how scary it was, I kept telling her everything was ok and we just need to be careful not to pull things down and that her & Davin were just playing & it was an accident. When we got home and Hailey and I were walking in the house she said "Mom, I pulled the lamp down." She was so sad. She felt so bad for hurting her brother. I'm proud of her for her honesty.
Now the day is almost over and everything is back to normal. No concussion. Davin seems fine, he is still very active and into everything. I'm grateful it was not worse. Matt handled it so good.
So that is Davin's first real owie and I'm sure it is not the last.


MyDonkey Five said...

Poor Davin! Poor MAtt! Poor You! Poor Hailey! Anna was the cause of Jimmy having to go to InstaCare once and she felt awful about it. I hope you have a relaxing rest of the week without any more drama.

Kim said...

wow..I'm so glad he's okay...I'm glad you knew where to go. I'm glad Hailey has such a good mama who helps her feel safe enough to tell her something scary. You are such good parents...miss you!

Mindy said...

Welcome to the life of a little boy! I am so sorry that happened, I'm glad he is okay.

Melissa said...

Oh My! I am so sorry to hear that Michelle! I am definitely grateful that it wasn't worse than it was! Now besides the trip to the insta care, how are you guys doing? I haven't talked to you in a while. I hope things are good. And I hope your week ends on a much happier note!

The Camps said...

Oh my gosh! that sounds like it was so scary! I'm glad that everything is ok. I love your blog! this will be a great way to keep in better touch!