Thursday, April 2, 2009

Autumn's Good day

Today has been such a great day for Autumn. First she went to Snow Canyon High School for field day. She ran in 2 races. The first one she came in first place then she had to run in the 2nd race which was finals. She came 2nd place. So she gets to go to district. She was so excited when she came home form school. She said "Mom, I got second place and I get to go run in District, plus I get to go to Cedar City...for free"! LOL! It was really cute.
Erin also did good, she ran 2 races as well. She came in 4th in one and 6th in the other. I'm proud of both of them, and really happy they both tryed so hard.

Also tonight Autumn and I went out to Launa's, my sister-in-laws house, she does the Dixie Children's Choir. Well Autumn tried out and after 3 pitch lesson's she turned to Autumn and said "your in". It was so cool. After the try out Launa and I were outside talking while Autumn played in the yard and she told me that Autumn has an amazing voice. And getting her in to singing so young is really going to be great for her.
Autumn has been on cloud 9 all day. It is nice to see my kids happy.


MyDonkeySix said...

That's is awesome! Go Autumn. Now I want to hear her sing!

The Camps said...

that is great! i love the comment of goimg to cedar for free, what a cute girl! how are you? it has been a while since we have seen the whole fam.

Mindy said...

She is such a cute girl, I loved having her in my your new visiting teaching button, you must visit some pretty cool people ;)