Saturday, August 9, 2008

White Star

We went out on a double date last night and we went to a musical production that the Cox auditorium put on. It is called White Star. It is actually a sequel to Saturday's Warrior. Oh my goodness...It was great. It was so spiritual. There is no way anyone could walk out of there grumpy. It is only the second time I've ever gone to something like that. The first time was when Kim took me out to Tuachan to see Cinderella. I loved that too. We are planning on going to Las Vegas for our Anniversary to see The Phantom of the Opera. I hope we get to go.
Anyways... It was a neat experience. I was worried that Matt would get bored with it, but he didn't. Thank goodness. The play was 3 hours long! My poor Davin cried the whole time we were gone. Actually I should say my poor babysitter. He has stranger anxiety. Even with Erin and Autumn home he still just wanted his mommy. I think that is sweet. I guess we might have to wait a little longer before we go out again. Or make our dates super short.

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Kim said...

I've not heard of White sounds good...I wonder if it will come out on DVD like Saturday's Warrior. Anyway, I'm glad you got out for a while...poor Davin and poor your babysitter! There's just no other like mommy.