Friday, September 26, 2008

Hailey the Firefighter

Hailey loves fire trucks. She notices them all over town and gets so happy to see them. So when we were walking out of Lin's today and saw a fire truck pulling in she was excited to get to see one up close. So we walked up to it and the firemen showed Hailey the inside of the firetruck which was cool to see even for me. Then they pulled out a little fire hat and gave it to Hailey. Well Hailey gave it to Davin and said "here Davin". Lucky for her they had another hat. So she ended up with one too. I thought that was so sweet that she was willing to give up her super cool fire hat just so Davin was happy. Anyways... Hailey has been SO happy all day, she keeps telling her story to everyone in here life. Oh yeah, after we were done she kept yelling back to the fire guys, "Thank you firefighters", and she keeps telling me how much she likes firefighters.

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brace-girl said...

Hey mom that is so funny.I love your blog.Bye-Bye.