Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A little of everything

Well life is boring it seems. However Autumn did have her Birthday on Sept. 21st. She turned 9. She is a lot of fun. She is always making me laugh, and she has such a wonderful imagination. I used to have quite an imagination when I was her age too. I used to make houses for my barbies out of everything I could find laying around the house. Now I walk into Autumn's room and on her desk is a whole house for her littlest pet shops, made up of stuff from around the house! lol. I remember having to clean up my mess...that part sucked and it took such a long time because everything was from all over the house. Anyways... Autumn got to take her BFF's to the movies for her Birthday. They went and saw Kung Fu Panda. Matt is the one who took them and actually said he really enjoyed the movie. He said it taught good morals. I'm glad it was a easy B-day, planning big party's is really hard. So I'm glad we decided not to do it every year. This is Autumn with a gift card she got at her "mini party".

Matt is back in Hatch, again. He is going every week now. Tuesday morning to Friday night. Yeah, it sucks. We all miss him when he is gone. The kids try and take advantage of me. Sometimes I'm a softy. What can I say, that is just how Mom's are sometimes. We got web cams so we can see each other, but right now he is at a motel with out Internet, so that plan won't work this trip.

I just got over some weird stomach bug. I caught it from Hailey. It was more like an intestine bug. I've really never had anything like it. It only lasted 2 days. Thank goodness.

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Kim said...

Autumns birthday party looks like fun..I'm sorry you were sick, I'm glad you're feeling better...and I'm sorry Matt has to be gone so much...