Friday, October 3, 2008

Family Pictures

These are just some of our pictures. I actually have 409 pictures. Teresa Allsop ( a friend in our ward) took us out to a place in Washington and took our pictures. They all turned out so beautiful. I wish I could post them all on my blog. These pictures were taken on Sept 30, 2008.


Kim said...

those turned out so good and so cute!!! I love them! You are so pretty Michelle and your family is beautiful...

Please tell Teresa I said hi..I would love to hear from her!

Melissa said...

Wow you guys make such a cute little family! You have to let me know if all the adoption stuff has gone through yet!
As for my accident, no we do not have another car yet. I am driving a rental. It's a Chrysler Sebring and I hate it with a passion! Don't ever get one! It's just nice to have the transportation I guess. The accident has put us a little upside-down in our finances, so we're trying to figure out how and when I will be getting another car.
We'll keep in touch with you though! Let everyone in the ward know that we miss them and are doing well! Congrats on your new calling!