Friday, July 25, 2008


Today I went to pick up Matt's worker, Albert, just like I do everyday. Well today Albert and his "live-in" girlfriend, Ruth, were fighting. When I pulled up, Ruth was standing outside talking with her neighbor. We started talking and she asked if I had the baby ( I did, I also had Erin + Hailey with me) So she opened the door and was talking to him, Davin was smiling and enjoying their conversation when Albert came out of the house huffing and puffing, he came up to the van and told her to get the %!*#* out of the way! I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!!! She was doing nothing wrong. So she shut my door and walked away. Well Albert got in my van & slammed my door. Again I could not believe it. It was so uncomfortable. I wanted to cry all the way home. We try not to have contention in our home, we center our home around Christ, so this was just unacceptable.
When Albert got out of the van to go into the C-store, Erin told me how sad that made her, and she did not like his potty mouth. I agreed, and wished she would not have had to see that.
All the way home I felt sad, but at the same time so grateful. Grateful that we have the gospel in our lives and for so many other things. I love how my life is safe and secure. I love that I can give my children that safety and security too.
When I got home and told Matt about it, he felt really bad for even sending me. I told him I did not want to pick him up anymore. He understood. But of course if my honey needs my help I will always be there to help him, I just won't take my kids anymore.

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Kim said...

Wow...that's really sad that his girlfriend thinks she has to put up with that....and sad that he has so little respect for you and the kids to talk like that in front of you. I'm glad you have the gospel's a wonderful thing, isn't it.