Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Erin's Braces

So Erin got her braces yesterday. She was so excited all day, everyday since the day she found out she was getting them. Well now she is SO sore. :( My poor girl. I feel bad. It is also bringing back memories of when I had my braces. OUCH!I had a dream last night that Erin and I both had braces and all I can really remember about the dream was worrying about how we were going to make 2 payments. It was crazy. I was trying to figure out why I got my braces back on without figuring out how I was going to pay for them first.When we got home from the dentist, Autumn came running out to the van to see Erin's teeth and she was surprised at how cute Erin looked with them on. Autumn said "Wow Erin you look really cute with your braces". It was strange to hear a compliment come out of her mouth to Erin. Autumn told me that she expected the braces to take up her whole mouth, like not be able to see any of her teeth. Erin can't eat anything. Except soup. Erin is glad they make yummy soup. Well that's all for now.


Kim said... braces...they've come a long way! How cute! She looks darling...I hope they stop hurting soon...then comes the first tightening...always hated those days!

mmissy said...

The pink is just the color of her rubber bands. She will get to change the color every month.