Thursday, July 31, 2008

The pool

Matt went and bought a pool last night at Walmart. I think it's great for the family because it is so dang hot here, however I worry about Hailey. I keep having these horrible thoughts that she gets out of the house and tries to go swimming by herself and slips and falls in the water and can't get back up. Ugh, I hate the feelings that thought gives me. The pool is only 3 ft. deep, but I know any amount of water can be dangerous. I'm always aware of her, she is a VERY active child so I have learned that if she is not bothering me...she is into something.
We now have "swim" times. At 11:00 am for 1 hour, then at 3:00 for 1 hour and then when Matt gets home from work for how ever long. And in between swim times the back door will be locked, with a Hailey proof lock. Erin and Autumn can not even reach it.
Safety first.

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Kim said...

your pool sounds fun and I understand your fear...