Saturday, July 19, 2008


My Brother came to town yesterday for a short visit. He was driving through and stopped here to pick up a tool box I've been storing for him. It was a good visit. We have always been less then close. I've wanted to have a relationship with my brother for as long as I can remember, however there is something in the way. ??? Don't ask me what it is! Since as long as I've known him he has always had a problem with me. It makes me sad. I've learned that I can't change it and he does not want to change it. My new family (Matt's brothers & sisters) are amazing. I have the brother/sister relationship that I never had with Donald, with them. Erin and Autumn sure love him.
I hope they don't get let down in there life like I was let down in mine. Going after the impossible.
Well Only 3 more days till Erin gets her braces. Now she is getting nervous. One day she is excited, the next day she is nervous. She will not like them, but she will be so grateful later in life.
Today is Saturday, and I'm already bored out of my mind. I always assumed Saturdays were for getting things done, spending some time together as a family. Matt spends SO much time in front of his computer!!!!! It bugs me!
Well now since I'm done complaining I guess I will get on with my house cleaning. I hope everyone (Kim) has a great weekend!

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Kim said...

That's your brother's are such a wonderful person! I'm sorry you don't have the relationship you want/need...I feel that way about my mom.
I hate cleaning house..I always like how it looks when I'm done but hate having to do it.