Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Erin's tooth

So today we went and got 1 of Erin's tooth pulled. She will be getting her braces in 1 week and she did not have enough room for her teeth, so they decided to pull out one. I was told that they would be pulling out the one behind the K-9. So all week I've been showing Erin the tooth they were going to pull out. Well today we came home and Erin tells me "Mom they did not pull out the tooth you said they were going to pull out"... I said "What?!?!?" So she showed me, I freaking panicked!!! They pulled out her adult K-9! I was seriously freaking out. I have always been told that your K-9's are your strongest teeth, and that they are also your most important teeth. So Of course, I called the dentist that pulled out her tooth, I said I think you pulled the wrong tooth (remember, the orthodontist told me it would be the other one) So they put me on hold and came back reassuring me that they did not. So I called the orthodontist, They put him right on they phone with me, he told me that the tooth behind her K-9 was just as strong as her K-9 and so they decided to just pull that one, he told me everything was going the way they had planned and he would talk to me more when we came in next week. OK...whatever happened to the parents knowing what in the heck is going on?!?! No one ever told me they were pulling a different tooth! No one ever explained anything to me until I was in a complete panic. I had Erin in a panic. We both thought they completely screwed up.
We are both VERY happy to know everything is the way it is supposed to be, it would have been nice to be informed.

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Kim said...

wow..that's scary to think they made a mistake..I'm glad it all worked out.